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About Us

Petit Village is a grocery retail store in Deptford high street offering various products from exotic fruits, fresh juices, healthy food, and organic coffee.

Our business mission is to attract an audience of health-conscious individuals, coaches, and family members and educate them on the benefits of our exotic fruit juices and nutritious food options. By consuming our products, we want to empower our audience to make healthier choices and lead a balanced lifestyle.

What our customer say's

  • client6 Priya Pandya @staking

    Great store, huge range of fruit and veg. Fab quality. Delicious smoothie range. Recent addition Empanada, super tasty. Very friendly staff and asset to Deptford. Lucky to have you! The manager Andrea is amazing and very warm, the heart and soul of the store.

    Show original 15.10.2023
  • client2 Eliane Correa

    My favourite addition to Deptford High Street!! A great selection of fruit and veg (mostly organic but at good prices), delicious fresh juices, great playlists and vibes, and they also have a space to support local businesses so for example you can get house plants and lovely hand-decorated plant pots. Best thing in Deptford!

    Also… it’s a Latinx-owned independent business! Gotta show love 💙

    Show original 09.08.2023
  • Vanexa Zarza Martinez

    I love the smoothies they make and can’t deny I’m addicted to them. The quality is excellent of the fruits and vegetables. I’m so happy this store is proving our health and making you feel so good with a smile on their faces and always with positive vibes 🫶🏼love it. Keep the hard work guys!

    Show original 08.12.2023
  • J addison

    Ok so I absolutely love this place, the vibes, the veg quality, it feels good to buy from here I really appreciate the work that must go in. I did how ever have a very milky smoothie the ratios were way off. Not enough fruit and way to much milk. It was a 2 star smoothie from a 5 star Vibe. Need to test some recipes with that one guys, sorry but everything else is looking good ! Tomato selection especially.

    Show original 06.09.2023
  • client5 shirley zhunio

    If you want to find a place with a variety of fresh made juices, Latino and Caribbean quality fruits and groceries. Petit Village is your place !✨ Their staff is always very welcoming and friendly, you can see they care about their service.

    Show original 07.01.2024
  • client6 Adriana Flores

    What a cosy and friendly store at Deptford!! ❤️

    You can find Latin and Caribbean groceries, empanadas, homemade seamoss gel, bread…. And more 😍✨

    Show original 22.07.2021
  • client1 O K

    Proper little greengrocers at 61 Deptford High Street SE8 4AA. Traditionally set out with an exotic set of produce next to all the usual traditional fare. Spanish onions the size of small footballs 😁 and a nice selection of plants and herbs too. They even have bags of Key Limes for £2, going to make a Key Lime Pie tonight. Very open and friendly staff, Andrea is so happy to see customers in her shop. It’s also their first birthday apparently so pop in, buy some quality fruit & veg and keep them going towards their second birthday, you won’t be disappointed. Nice coffee on offer just need a slice of Key Lime Pie to go with it.

    Show original 14.02.2023
  • client2 Andrew Watt

    The juice here is fantastic with great ingredients. Lovely gluten free empinadas. The lady from Ecuador was friendly and knowledgeable. Fantastic local small business we should all be supporting.

    Show original 22.09.2023
  • client1 Crea Crea

    I love this place so much. Not only is the fruit and veg top notch with an incredible choice including lots of tropical fruit I’d never even heard of before, but the staff are the sweetest, the tunes are always banging, they have a lovely little house plant selection and organic tinned goods, and sell a lot of their herbs in huge plastic packaging free bunches.

    And to top it all off, their produce is super well priced! I’ve found much of it to be cheaper than at supermarkets even though it’s beautiful quality.

    Show original 22.03.2023
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