Peak 40: Fueling Your Mid-Life Glow at Petit Village

Peak 40? More Like “Perpetual Peak” – Fuel Your Mid-Life Glow at Petit Village

Who says 40 is over the hill? It’s more like we’re just hitting our stride! Dr. Marc Bubbs’ book, “Peak 40,” spills the secrets to not just surviving, but thriving in our 40s and beyond. Forget frumpy – we’re talking sharper minds, stronger bodies, and energy that’d put a 20-year-old to shame. And guess what? You don’t have to be 40 to get in on this action. Whether you’re 20, 50, or somewhere in between, Petit Village is your partner in achieving perpetual peak performance.

We’re all about fueling that glow with the best nature has to offer – from nutrient-packed juices to delicious produce. Let’s dive into how “Peak 40” principles (and our menu!) can supercharge your mid-life journey.

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1.Brain Health: Feed Your Focus and Firepower

2.Fitness: Strength and Energy for the Long Haul

3.Nutrition: Your Plate, Your Powerhouse

4.Recipes and Inspiration: Flavorful Fuel from Petit Village


1.Brain Health: Feed Your Focus and Firepower

Dr. Bubbs gives the brain a standing ovation, emphasizing the power of specific nutrients to keep it firing on all cylinders. Think of it as premium fuel for your mental engine.

  • Omega-3s: The VIPs of brain health, these fatty acids are essential for cognitive function and memory.
  • Antioxidants: These superheroes protect your brain cells from damage and may even help slow down age-related decline.
  • Gut Health: It’s not just about digestion – a healthy gut is linked to better mood, focus, and even memory!

Petit Village Brain Food:

  • Immune Booster Juice: Orange, carrot, red apple, and ginger deliver a powerful dose of antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Super Detox Juice: Green apple, cucumber, celery, and spinach for a gut-friendly cleanse.

2. Fitness: Strength and Energy for the Long Haul

Who needs a fountain of youth when you’ve got strength training? Dr. Bubbs reveals how building muscle can help you maintain energy, balance, and independence as you age.

  • Protein Power: The building block of muscle, protein is essential for repair and growth.
  • Strength Training: Don’t be afraid to lift weights! It’s not just for bodybuilders – it’s for anyone who wants to stay strong and healthy.

Petit Village Muscle Munchies:

  • Power Juices (Happy Belly, Green Pineapple, Sweet Greens, Berry Kick): Packed with nutrients to fuel and replenish your body. Give any of our juices an extra boost with our plant-based protein powder add-on – the perfect way to supercharge your post-workout recovery!
  • Quinoa and Chickpea Curry: Plant-based protein powerhouse for muscle repair.

Quinoa Bowl

3. Nutrition: Your Plate, Your Powerhouse

Say goodbye to restrictive diets and hello to delicious, nourishing foods that make you feel amazing. Dr. Bubbs shows us how to create a balanced plate that supports optimal health.

  • Whole Foods: The stars of the show, these unprocessed foods are packed with nutrients and fiber.
  • Healthy Fats: Think avocados, nuts, and olive oil – these fats support brain health, heart health, and even glowing skin.
  • Plants: Veggies, fruits, and whole grains are the foundation of a healthy diet, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


4. Recipes and Inspiration: Flavorful Fuel from Petit Village

Want to put “Peak 40” principles into action? We’ve curated some delicious recipes inspired by the book, featuring ingredients you can find right here at Petit Village:

Petit Village Healthy Menu

Your “Perpetual Peak” Journey Starts Now

“Peak 40” is just the beginning – it’s about embracing a lifelong commitment to health and vitality. And Petit Village is here to make that journey delicious and fun. Visit us to discover the freshest ingredients and let’s create your “perpetual peak” together!

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